Bayit Balev Ltd. – The Chain For The Adult Age

.Bayit Balev Ltd. of Maccabi Health care services group, Israel's leading and most advanced medical treatment services, more than 25 years, undertakes to promote the comprehensive health and welfare of the elderly population and foster excellence in the quality of medicine, knowledge and service delivery

Bayit Balev provides a range of services for the elderly population, ranging from residence homes, innovative Geriatric Hospital to Geriatric Medical centers. The chain owns and operates approximately 750 senior apartment units and over 900 hospital beds

The head office management guides the company aim and policy to provide senior population comprehensive life style and medical services, given by specialists assisted, advanced technology and accompanied by professional, experienced staff.
Retirment residence
when considering retiring, one should give a thought to Bayit Balev, one of the superior retirement residences in Israel. Bayit Balev senior apartments situated in five centers and located in the most pleasant areas in the country.
Bayit Balev offers residents gracious and comfortable living at its best, typically consist of units of 1.5, 2, 2.5 and 3 rooms which allow a completely independent lifestyle.
During the day there are various cultural activities which enrich the lives of the residents and attend a high quality and healthy life. It is also secure living, because of the group's 24-hour surveillance and its medical orientation; residents can rest assured that all their medical needs will be met.

Additionally, Bayit Balev submits all services in one place.
Supporting care services are offering in special resident units to seniors who become more dependent. Moreover, the retirement homes operate a long term nursing care departments.
The Bayit Balev Rehabilitation hospitals and medical centers

The leading Bayit Balev Rehabilitation Hospitals have 500 hospital beds and provides special Long-Term services and rehabilitation treatments in a modern technology environment. The hospitals located at the central area, near the city of Tel Aviv and near Haifa. In addition, Bayit Balev offers 400 hospital beds at six medical centers and institutions, specializes in Geriatrics throughout the country.
The hospitals and medical centers have a wide range of departments: Rehabilitation departments, respiration units, sub acute geriatric units, skilled nursing care and long term nursing care.

Their high quality and caring medical, nursing and other professional multi-disciplinary staff, share experienced knowledge and work together to provide friendly surroundings
Bayit Balev plans to continue expanding in the coming years with the aim of constantly improving the quality and nurturing excellence for the welfare of the elderly population.