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Bayit Balev is the Maccabi Healthcare Services' leading chain of retirement residences, catering exclusively for Israel's retiree population. Residents of Bayit Balev enjoy the highest quality of life, healthy living and safety in a warm family environment. The community living experience offers a rich cultural life and boasts uncompromising professionalism, dedicated staff and 30 years of experience. The continuity of care, maximum flexibility in resident registration options and unmatched service are all hallmarks of Bayit Balev.

דיור מוגן קרית מוצקין

Kiryat Motzkin

The serene location of Bayit Balev in Beit Ildan, Kiryat Motzkin makes it an enticing

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דיור מוגן בירושלים


Locatedin peaceful green surroundings, overlooking magnificent pastoral views

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Petah Tikva

The Bayit Balev branch in Petah Tikva is a luxurious modern retirement residence

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דיור מוגן ברמת השרון

Ramat HaSharon

Bayit Balev's Ramat HaSharon branch boasts a well-established reputation due to

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דיור מוגן בתל אביב

Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv's Bayit Balev retirement residence is ideally situated in northern Tel Aviv

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אילוסטרציה אייקון ביטחון אישי ושקט נפשי

Personal Safety and Peace of Mind

At Bayit Balev, the residents are at the center of all we do. Your personal and medical safety is assured as a result of the knowledge

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אילוסטרציה אייקון חיי קהילה ותרבות עשירים

Community Living and a Rich Cultural Life

The Bayit Balev chain is proud of the diverse activities offered within and outside its walls and firmly believes that these activities

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אילוסטרציה אייקון מקצועיות


Maccabi Healthcare Services' Bayit Balev chain is Israel's largest and most successful company specializing in the service and care

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אילוסטרציה אייקון גמישות מרבית במסלולי הצטרפות

Maximum flexibility in financial plans

Bayit Balev has developed and implemented a unique interaction model between the chain and its residents, based on the chain's

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אילוסטרציה אייקון ניסיון ומוניטין של 30 שנה

30 Years' Experience and an Excellent Reputation

Bayit Balev residents enjoy all the benefits that an established and stable organization supported by the robust Maccabi Healthcare

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אילוסטרציה אייקון שירות מעל הכול

Service Above All

The Bayit Balev chain has set the standard for service excellence, with its emphasis on the human element throughout all its activities

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